There’s Always Time For Tea

I think there are three things to blame for my love of tea…

Firstly being British – Tea is just a way of life for us. The stereotype is real people! Any situation, any event, or emotion requires tea.

Secondly, An early developed love with all things Alice In Wonderland. I mean who wouldn’t want to attend The Mad Hatters Tea Party?

And Thirdly, an obsession with singer and violinist Emilie Autumn, who taught me the correct temperatures for boiling white tea, whilst instilling a need for pretty teacups.

So, I’m here to share some of my favourite tea types, and brands. A cup of builders brew is well and good, but there are so many other joys in the world of Camellia Sinensis.


Where tea began.
A black tea, traditionally spiced with Aniseed, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Star Anise.
This tea originated in India, but gained popularity throughout the world – for those like me who enjoy spice, and autumnal scents and flavours. Chai is the one.
Smooth but with a bit of a kick.

Chai is best when it is loose, but in a pinch some bagged versions will suffice.
The best loose blend I’ve ever found is from;
Their mix of spices is just spot on.

My favourite bagged Chai is actually
I don’t know how they managed it but Tesco’s actually pulled off a surprisingly good tea here!
Adding the vanilla, adds a hint of sweetness and creates an even smoother taste.
(Writing this is reminding me that I need to restock on this bad boy!)

If you are already a fan of Chai and want to take it up a notch, perhaps try;

Lapsang Souchang

A smoky, strong, aromatic tea.
The tea leaves which are grown in China, are then withered and dried over smoking pine fires, which embues that smoky aroma.


Earl Grey Blue Flower

There are so many Earl Greys on the market, it can be quite confusing which tea to choose.
A staple British favourite, traditionally a black tea with bergamont.
I find Earl Grey done wrong can be quite bitter, so I started to branch into other varieties.
Lady Grey is a really nice blend, with all the goodness of her husband counterpart, but added orange citrus, which helps add a fruity punch.

And then I found the King of Earl Greys.
Earl Grey Blue Flower or sometimes known as Blue Lady.
Which is traditional Earl Grey, mixed with mallow blossoms and cornflowers.
Which adds lightness to the flavour, and a subtle flowery taste.
It’s also really pretty to brew in a teapot.
Loose Leaf is the only way!


Again The Wiltshire Tea Company has a lovely floral blend of this tea.
Another good blend can be purchased at
MonTeas is a little independent store in Monmouth.
They stock loose-leaf blends, flowering teas, teawares, and stunning teapots.
Great news is you can order online through their website.

Womankind Tea

This blend is specifically from Pukka Teas.

I love drinking a tea designed for womanly hormones whilst on my period. Alongside this tea, the more simple Raspberry Leaf Tea from Clipper is just as effective.
Pukka fill this tea with herbs and flowers that aid with iron, and keeping your hormones in balance.
Rose Flowers
This tea has a rich, floral taste, which can take some adjusting to if you are new to herbal teas.
But the trick is not to over brew. Take that teabag out after the allotted time it tells you on the box.



I hope you found some new teas to try here.
I’d love to know your favourites, so feel free to share them in the comments.

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