Powerhouse Vegan Women!

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Sometimes, it’s hard staying motivated to make change. We get sidetracked… Or just downright tierd. So I thought I would share some fantastic Vegan/Activists to keep your passion at the surface.

I dare you to read about these women, and not feel inspired!

Jemima, at a local vegan sanctuary.

Jo Anne McArthur

This woman is my actual hero, and she owns such a special part of my heart. Jo works as a photojournalist, uncovering and publishing the hidden truths behind our industries. The sights Jo has witnessed have actually left her with PTSD, yet she continues exposing the world’s horrors, and being a voice for the animals.

We Animals Media

Her work can be viewed through her website ‘We Animals’ – it’s a stark, raw, honest, and heartbreaking place. But her work is used by vegan activists all over the world, as its public domain for anyone trying to help the animals. She also worked on the gut-wrenching movie ‘Ghosts in our Machines’. When you peruse through her work, I guarantee you will find some images you’ve seen used elsewhere in there.

We Animals Media

She also has two books out, with a third on the way. ‘We Animals’ and ‘Captive’ – if you want to show some support I can highly reccomend these coffee table books… Sure to start a conversation.

It was in 1998 when I was backpacking through Ecuador. There was a monkey chained to some window bars. The monkey could neither get in nor out, and was trained to pick-pocket the people going by. People were taking photos of the monkey because they thought it was cute or funny, but I stopped to take photos because I thought it was terribly cruel, and I wanted to do something with the image, to help the monkey, or at least show the world that this sort of treatment of animals was unaccept­able. I saw, then, quite clearly, that I saw animals differently than others did. I thought my point of view was important, that showing animals through my lens, so to speak, could help people see animals anew, and think critically about how we treat them. It was around then that the seed of the We Animals project was born.

Jo Anne Mcarthur in an interview with The Animals Voice

Shark Girl Madison

Madison Stewart

Madison devoted her life to protecting sharks at the age of 16. She’s worked tirelessly, educating and spreading her message. At 24, she was awarded the title of ‘Australian Geographic Society Young Conscervationist’.

Madisons work in theory is simple. She holds talks and clubs at schools regarding the destruction of our oceans, and the decemation of the seas apex predator, the shark. She organises trips under her project; namuna project – tourists travel with her, and they pay boats usually reserved for fishing to take them on tours to just see the sharks and marine life. By stopping that boat from fishing, they are literally saving lives, whilst letting the fisherman earn a wage.

Madison Stewart

Her Instagram is visually absolutely stunning! Whilst horrifying up close, it is a perfect way to get the younger generation into Veganism and protecting our oceans. It has the style of an Instagram model, with the location shots of travelling instas, which draw you in, and then before you know it, you’re sucked into her projects, looking at shark fin markets, and booking a flight to join one of her trips.

Leah Doellinger

So… It wouldnt surprise me if you’ve seen Leah in the news. Her arrest list is longer than her arm, yet she keeps on being a voice for the voiceless.

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” 

Martin Luther King Jr. ~ A quote Leah uses regularly to promote her cause.
Leah Doellinger

Leah put together the now international group ‘Meat The Victims’ which organises farm exposes, where activists peacefully enter animal farms and record their findings. Usually with the intent to have the media come and film also, adding more exposure to the conditions of these animals. Leah also often performs open rescues, where she ‘breaks into’ a farm and liberates a few animals, giving them an actual life, and ending their suffering. Most of her charges in court are for ‘theft of stock’. – Animals are not stock, they are not property! Leah and everyone else who works with Meat The Victims feels the same, knowing the likelihood of arrest is high. Now that is some intense dedication.

Leah Doellinger

I first found Leah on Facebook when she was arrested (rather aggressively) when a slaughterhouse transport truck tipped off the road. The driver/farmers were shooting the cattle as they lay on the road side. Leah found one that was shot in the head but still very much alive and very much in pain.

It wasn’t long before police were called, and she was detained. Whilst one police man tries to calm down the situation, another just comes barrelling in and essentially tackles Leah and arrests her. Arrests her for trying to comfort a dieing animal on a roadside. As I watched the video unfold… I felt sick to my stomach, but also so proud of this fellow women for standing up for what is right.

Watch the video here; Leahs arrest

Leah Doellinger


If you still need some inspiration to get you through the day follow the above link ^^^^^^ it’s a wonderful article on more great vegan activists. I enjoyed making this post, so I will definitely be making a part 2 and probably 3, and a part 4! As more and more people take action, hopefully I’ll have even more names to mention.

Get out there and make a difference! Spread our message!

Change the world!

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